Hello readers!

My name is Rose and as you know, I’m taking on a big challenge next year – to finally do a Full Marathon, the BMO Vancouver Marathon. After having done 10 Half Marathons in the last 10 years, I thought it’s time. Time to cross it off ‘my list’. Time to stop wondering if I could do it. Time to learn how to be disciplined. It’s finally time.

I’m happy and lucky to be taking on this journey as part of The Province Marathon Team. There are seven of us taking on the challenge to run the BMO Marathon – five to do the Full and two to do the Half. John Stanton, founder of The Running Room, is our Leader so I’m looking forward to learning a lot from him.

I’m also new to the blogospehere so I’m not even sure if I’m doing this right.. so for now I’ll keep my first blog short and sweet.