I was pretty proud that throughout the busy holiday season, the sore throat I’ve been fighting off for a month hadn’t turned into something worse. I was able to keep my health in check for most part of December. However come New Year’s Day, it hit me… and NOOO (for those who know me well), it wasn’t because I partied too hard (lol), I wished it was that!

As per previous post, a group of us did the “Portland First 5K Run/Walk” for New Year’s Eve. Days leading up to the race, my sore throat had turned into a hacking cough and running at midnight when it was -4C certainly didn’t help.

By the time we got home on Tuesday night (New Year’s Day), my body just gave up. All day Wednesday (which was my day off too. Booo!) and Thursday, I was bed-ridden. All I could think of as I battle this cold/flu was how am I going to make up my missed runs. The Burnaby Running Room Clinic I was to attend had started their Run Clinic that Tuesday, which meant I’ve missed some runs (Tue-Thurs mileage totalled 22K). WTH!

Luckily though, my condition improved by Friday afternoon. All the naps, Vicks, meds and soup worked their wonders! I also thought fresh air would be good so I went for a brisk walk. 7K walk to be exact. I thought I might as well try to make up some of the missed mileage by walking.

I felt even better by Saturday so mid-afternoon I decided to try and do an easy 7K run/walk program. I was fairly successful and it felt great to be functioning again.

This morning was our first long run – a 10K. Though I was feeling better, I took Steve’s advise (he’s one of our key contacts at Running Room) and opted for the shorter (Half-Marathon training) route of 7K (instead of the Full Marathon 10K). I’m sure glad I did! I felt great and wasn’t too tired or sore after the run. I’m so glad I listened to the expert and didn’t push myself too hard.

Tomorrow is Monday, which meant an “off day” for training. Yaay! But I think I’m gonna’ check out a Zumba Class. It’s fun and a great workout!