It’s Clinic Day, which means a bit of talk/advise/tips from the experts, then a 6K tempo/steady run afterwards with the group. This is officially my first clinic since last week I was out of town in Portland.

I go to the Market Crossing Running Room in Burnaby. I’ve taken a Half-Marathon Clinic there two years ago so a few faces were familiar to me. I knew Jackie is the Running Room Store Manager and Alan would be our Full Marathon Leader. This time as well, I’m joined by Arinder who I met there two years ago. I was so happy she called me last week wanting to get back into running. She and I trained well together and we were great motivation for each other so I was excited she’ll be training with me! I know I’ll get to meet more people to run with but it’s a bonus when I already know someone off the bat.

Tonight’s talk was about the basics – info on resources, the drop-in clinics, safety and a few tips and advise on this journey we’re all about to take on. The speakers Kurt, the Half-Marathon Leader, and Jackie were great because they were very informative.

For example, I knew what the types of run were (tempo, steady and long steady distance) but didn’t really know the difference with each one. Kurt explained it the best: on Tues and Wed when we run tempo or steady, you should not be able to hold a conversation about your tv shows and movies with other runners, and that afterwards you should feel tired because you exerted maximum energy. But on Sundays when we do LSD, the pace should be slow enough so you could have that tv show, movie and social life conversation, and at the end also feel you would have enough energy to do that run again three or four more times. I’m probably the only one who had an A-Ha moment when Kurt explained it but I’m glad he dummied it down so people like me (finally really) got it.

I’m also taking to heart a few things Jackie said – to do the race as how you’ve trained; the 10/1 run/walk program sets you up for success; and most importantly to be mentally prepared. I’m one of those runners that during the race I get caught up in the moment so I just run non-stop to try to beat everyone, but in the end I end losing steam so my race pace is now all over the place, then worse – I end up getting hurt and can’t walk for a freakin’ week! So this time, I promise to listen to the experts.

After the talk, we finally headed out in the cold and pouring rain to run the 6K route. Once you get out there, it isn’t so bad. You eventually warm up and you just get used to the rain. Arinder and I ran alongside 3 other girls and found a good steady pace. I was so happy with tonight’s run that believe it or not, I’m looking forward to tomorrow. I was so glad though that I had the Clinic and the group to run with because if I didn’t, let me tell ya’, guaranteed you’d find me at home watching re-runs of ‘Sons of Anarchy’.

Well I better rest-up for the scheduled 10K run tomorrow night.
Cross your fingers that tomorrow won’t be pourin’ mad like tonight!